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Entrepreneur meeting in Wunstorf

    Already since November 9, 1990, partnership relations have been maintained between the city of Wolmirstedt and the city of Wunstorf. There is mutual interest in continuing and expanding the now friendly contacts, also at the business level.
    The members of the Business Round Table of the City of Wolmirstedt are cordially invited to a full-day exchange of experiences in Wunstorf on Friday, October 20, 2023. The reception will be held at Wunstorf Air Base. Other highlights are planned.

    Some remaining places are currently still available !

    Companies that are interested and would like more information should contact the Wolmirstedt City Administration, Ms. Eichel, by phone at 039201-64781 or by mail at the latest by September 8, 2023:

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