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Field paths from Glindenberger Chaussee to “Kuhbusch” closed

    Communication of the city of Wolmirstedt

    For the field paths “Hohenangerbreite” and “Beim Schafstall” (connection from the Glindenberger Chaussee to the “Kuhbusch”) had to be completely closed for the area of the construction site “backwater dike Wolmirstedt” for the period from 04.09.2023 to inclusively. 11.10.2023 be disposed of.

    Reason: As part of the construction project “Backwater dike Wolmirstedt”, the dike crossings for the aforementioned field paths will be constructed during the aforementioned period.

    The affected areas of the dirt road will be closed off by suitable fencing elements. Consequently, it is not possible to use it.

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