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Future Day at the Börde County

    “Cliché-free career orientation”/ Registrations now possible / Future Day for 15 girls and 15 boys on April 27, 2023, at the Börde County Council

    On April 27, 2022, Börde County will open its doors to 15 girls and 15 boys on Girls`Day-Girls` Future Day / Boys`Day-Boys` Future Day. For the day of action, the participants get a small insight into the processes of a district administration.

    Interested students in grades 5 to 10 can register now by phone or e-mail with Katja Klommhaus, Equal Opportunity Officer of the Börde district. This can be done online via the pages


    under “Radar”.

    “The Börde district offers young people interesting career prospects,” says District Administrator Martin Stichnoth. “I’m looking forward to the day and can only encourage people to sign up and learn more about apprenticeships and other important areas of work at the county government. I will be available to answer questions at the beginning of the day. The date is firmly marked on my calendar.”

    Contact for registrations:

    District of Börde / Equal Opportunities Officer Katja Klommhaus
    Bornsche Straße 2 / 39340 Haldensleben
    Phone: 03904 7240-1301 / Mail:

    On the background of the Future Day:

    Girls’Day-Girls’ Future Day/Boys’Day-Boys’ Future Day is a special career orientation day for high school students that is held nationwide.

    Katja Klommhaus explains: “There are still professions in which very few women or very few men work. However, these are often professions that are varied and offer exciting career opportunities. Future Day opens up the chance to get to know them and is an important step toward gender equality.”

    Companies, hospitals, police, government agencies and other institutions open their doors to students to show them the variety of training opportunities in Börde County. On this internship day, girls and boys can learn about professions, try them out and gain important experience for their career choice.

    As of now, companies and institutions can register on the Internet platform

    and thus canvass for new talent for themselves. Interested students can use this radar and easily find suitable places in their region. The spectrum of offers grows from day to day and shows a variety of training and study opportunities as well as interesting perspectives for young people in the Börde district.

    Future Day 2022, Photo: Uwe Baumgart

    The last future day with the administrative district Börde took place 2022 / now there is on 27 April 2023 a new edition / archive photo 2022 Uwe Baumgart

    Learn more about the equal opportunity commissioner of the Börde district / please click here

    The full message in “A-4 PDF format”, very much for further distribution / please click here.

    Börde county
    Bornsche Street 2
    39340 Haldensleben
    Phone: +49 3904 7240-1204


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