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Local mayor

Guido Kratzenberg

Population development

1564: 26 families
1842: 483 inhabitants
2003: 647 inhabitants
2014: 783 inhabitants
2021: 991 inhabitants

Elbeu, first mentioned in a document in 1136, is located on the southern periphery of Wolmirstedt. After completion of the Wolmirstedt bypass (B 189n) in 2003, the through road was comprehensively rehabilitated as part of the village renewal program. Many residents have also renovated their houses after the relief from through traffic, so that the appearance of the district has developed positively and the quality of life of the citizens has improved significantly. Many young families have settled in the “Sonnenblick” residential area.

Historically significant is the church built in Romanesque style. By the way, none other than Frederick the Great donated money in 1758 for the restoration of the church tower destroyed in the Thirty Years’ War. The carved inscription above the entrance door still tells of this event.

Worth a trip is the mill café “Kaffeemühle” operated in the historic ambience of a former water mill; only a stone’s throw away is the local recreation center Jersleber See.

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