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Dorfteilch in Mose
Dorfteich in Mose


Local mayor

Marco Röhrmann

Population development

1842 81 inhabitants
1890 137 inhabitants
2003 325 inhabitants
2014 330 inhabitants
2021 326 inhabitants
2022 315 inhabitants

Mose was first mentioned in the deed of gift from King Otto I to the Moritz Monastery in Magdeburg on September 21, 937. The district is located north of Wolmirstedt and was mainly agricultural in the past. Since Mose was located on a lake until the beginning of the 19th century, which was completely drained in 1820, the place is also mentioned in the traditions as a fishing village. Over the centuries, Moses changed hands several times to monasteries, bishoprics and secular rulers.

On June 29, 1933, a world sensation occurred in Moses. On a meadow of the estate the first launch of an unmanned liquid-fuel rocket of 6.50 m height and 120 kilograms weight took place. After launch, the rocket rose 20 meters above the ground, then tilted 25 degrees and flew 80 meters at this angle. A model of the pilot rocket has commemorated this event since 2012.

With the abandonment of the village of Salchau in the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heide for the construction of the shooting range in the years 1934 – 1936, replacement farms were built in Mose and the people of Salchau were mainly resettled in Mose. The settlement of Neu Mose was established east of today’s federal road B 189.

In the 1990s, the residential areas “Backofenbreite” and “Darrweg” were developed; as a result, the number of inhabitants increased from about 160 to about 300. Since 1993 Mose is a district of the town Wolmirstedt.

In Mose live a lot of young families with children. Companies located here include skilled trades, car dealerships and small businesses. The Mose Country House is very popular, with mainly Bulgarian specialties on the menu.

The village life is organized by the Association of the Mose Volunteer Fire Brigade, which was founded in 1848 as a fire department, and the Mose Village Council with the help of many volunteer citizens.

It is worth mentioning the location of the district of Mose. It is located in the middle of a protected landscape area and yet in the immediate vicinity of the state capital Magdeburg. The traffic connection is favorable due to the B189 as well as the planned A14 north extension and the developed local public transport.

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