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Karte: © OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende
Karte: © OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende

Industrial estate “North II

General / Location

Place: Wolmirstedt
Designation according to BauNVO: Commercial building area
Location in the municipality: northern outskirts

Availability/ prior use/ planning status

Availability / Contact person: Yes / City of Wolmirstedt
Previous use: partially built on; agricultural land
Development plan: B-Plan
Land use plan: approved, announced

Contaminated sites, protected areas

Contaminated sites according to § 2 para. 5; 6 BodSchG: not known
Remarks on contaminated sites:
Protected areas in the vicinity: none
Comments on the consideration of the protected area: none
other factors limiting use: 110 kV power lines
archaeological sites, if any

Area data, building development

Total net area: 34.6 ha
available: 15 ha
Capacity utilization: approx. 57
Type of building use: GE; GI(E)
free areas with sizes: approx. 15.0 ha


Land prices: Prices by agreement

Infrastructural development in Rogätzer Straße and Seegrabenstraße

Water connection: available
Sewage connection: available
Gas connection: available
Electrical connection: available

Transport and infrastructure

Freeway connection:
BAB 2: approx. 4 km (Magdeburg-Rothensee junction)
BAB 14 (future): 3 km
Connection federal road: B189 directly
Connection country road/county road: K1171 direct
Rail siding: possible
Waterway connection: Magdeburg Rothensee approx. 9 km
nearest airport:
Scheduled Airport:

Berlin/Tegel 147 km
Berlin/Schönefeld 161 km
Hanover 160 km
Leipzig 140 km
Regional Airport
Magdeburg 14 km
Connection of public transport: bus station, train station
Distance to selected cities:
Magdeburg 12 km
Brunswick 87 km
Hanover 145 km
Leipzig 145 km
Berlin 160 km

Tax rates

Trade tax: 343 %
Property tax A: 350
Property tax B: 377 %


Location in the state of Saxony-Anhalt: north of the state capital Magdeburg
Location in the district: east of the district capital Haldensleben

Other/ Expansion areas

Industries/businesses already located:
Trade, logistics, small business,
producing industry


City of Wolmirstedt
Business development
August-Bebel-Strasse 25
39326 Wolmirstedt

Phone: +49 39201 64-781
Fax: +49 39201 64-795

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