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Marriage in Wolmirstedt


Marriages are possible in the city of Wolmirstedt from Monday to Saturday by appointment.
The registry office in Wolmirstedt offers three wedding rooms in different sizes and from modern to historical ambience.

Marriage room in the city hall

This room was designed and furnished by a designer and was handed over to its intended use in September 2008. It is a modern space, romantic in its own way, with an extraordinary design. A special feature is that the bride and groom look at the wedding party. In addition, it is possible to arrange the wedding under a special motto, for example, as a flower wedding. For this reason, on the mirrored wall of the wedding room, 32 small vases are also embedded, which correspond exactly to the space capacity.

In the foyer, the marriage ceremony can be concluded with a glass of champagne in the registry office.

Trauzimmer im Rathaus

On the castle domain

Fireplace room in the community center

In the burgher house from 1730 couples can experience and enjoy their wedding dream according to their own wishes and ideas in the stylishly furnished fireplace room. A generous staircase and a large foyer lead to the wedding room.

The foyer in the Bürgerhaus offers space to end the wedding ceremony with your guests over a glass of champagne.

Castle chapel

Enjoy your marriage ceremony in the late Gothic castle chapel. It was built in 1480 in the brick Gothic style and is one of the remains of the medieval castle complex.
On this day, you are the center of attention in the circle of those chosen by you for the wedding ceremony.

You can end your marriage with a glass of champagne in or in front of the castle chapel.

Schlosskapelle eingang

The castle domain, which was extensively renovated in 2007, invites visitors to take photos and stroll around with its beautiful design and a small, quiet park.

You are welcome to use the castle cellar or the Katharinenaal for your wedding ceremony.

Other data (prices)

City Hall

  • 30 seats

Community center

  • 30 Euro heating costs
  • 35 seats

Castle chapel

  • 60 seats
  • + 30 standing room

Contact details

City of Wolmirstedt
Registry office
August-Bebel-Strasse 25
39326 Wolmirstedt

Tel.: 039201 64-744

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