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Kanalbrücke über die Elbe
Kanalbrücke über die Elbe


Local Mayor

Gerhild Schmidt

Population development

1680 25 families
1785 340 inhabitants
1971 888 inhabitants
2003 1345 inhabitants
2014 1312 inhabitants
2021 1242 inhabitants

Glindenberg, first mentioned in a document in 1212, is located in a scenic area. Nestled between the rivers Elbe and Ohre you can experience nature up close. Several listed buildings – mainly four-sided courtyards – give the village center its character. In recent years, the main streets have been thoroughly renovated and a residential area in an idyllic location has been created near the Elbe River. In September 2014, the opening of the new building of a day care center took place.

A special attraction in the immediate vicinity is the waterway junction. In October 2003, the canal bridge over the Elbe was inaugurated as a continuous waterway from the Ruhr area to Berlin.

As a technical monument, the Rothensee ship lift is definitely worth a visit.

Annual events organized by the local associations complete the cultural offer in the village.

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