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25 Feb 2024


15:00 - 17:00

Sword planes and tail planes

Participants are given an expert guided tour of the historic workshops of the wheelwright’s, blacksmith’s and saddler’s workshops under the guidance of Günter Töpfer, a volunteer at the museum.

The machines and tools are originals that were in use from 1900 to 1960 and come from a workshop in Satuelle.

So sword blades, tail planes, leather planes and more can be viewed a little closer on this day. The workshop also contains, among other things, a thickness planer and a small band saw made by the Kirschner company from Leipzig, which was awarded a gold medal at the World’s Fair in Chicago in 1893 and a Grand Prix in Paris in 1900. Also a dresser from the company F. W. Wolff from Magdeburg is in the workshop and can be viewed more closely.

For organizational reasons, prior registration is requested under 039201/21363.

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