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Announcement of the publication of the list of candidates for the election of jurors for the term of office 2024 – 2028

    According to § 36 para. 1 sentence 1 of the German Judicature Act (GVG), municipalities draw up lists of candidates for the election of lay assessors every fifth year. By resolution of the City Council of June 29, 2023, under the resolution number 510/2019-2024, the proposal list of the City of Wolmirstedt was confirmed.

    This list of proposals shall then be made available for inspection by anyone for a period of one week. The date of publication shall be announced publicly in advance (Section 36 (3) GVG).

    The list of nominees for the city of Wolmirstedt is published in accordance with § 36 para. 3 GVG

    in the period from 10.07.2023 to 17.07.2023

    at the City Hall of Wolmirstedt, 39326 Wolmirstedt August-Bebel-Strasse 25, Information Point.

    Objections to the list of nominees may be raised in writing or on the record within one week of the end of the period for posting the list of nominees on the grounds that persons are included in the list of nominees who were not permitted to be included in accordance with Section 32 GVG or who should not be included in accordance with Sections 33, 34 GVG.

    Written objections should be sent to:

    City of Wolmirstedt
    The mayor
    August-Bebel-Strasse 25
    39326 Wolmirstedt

    to address.

    …………………………………….. Seal

    M. Cassuhn

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