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“Blaue Nase hilft” e.V.: Association saves lives

    The association “Blaue Nase hilft” is based in Wolmirstedt and is active beyond the borders of Saxony-Anhalt. Thus, he carries the name of our city to the entire republic. Its main mission is to support children with cancer and their families. This also includes finding suitable donors via testing procedures.

    In the last 18 months, it has now already been possible to provide the 2nd child with a life-saving donor, who was demonstrably registered and typed on one of the mobile stem cell typing units of the association from Wolmirstedt.

    This is a great success for the association and proof of the important work it does. Thanks to the donations and the voluntary work of the members, the association can help children and families in need and give them hope and courage to face life.

    If you would also like to help, you can find out how to donate or volunteer on the association’s website .

    A big thank you to the association “Blaue Nase hilft” for its valuable work!

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