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Constituent meetings of the local councils

    The constituent meetings of the local councils for the municipalities of Elbeu, Mose and Glindenberg took place on 02.07.2024.

    These meetings marked the official start of the new term of office and served to elect the local mayors and constituent council members.

    Elbeu local council

    The Elbeu local council met for its constituent meeting. The members of the local council are (from left to right):

    • Mr. Yves Bergmann
    • Mayor Marlies Cassuhn
    • Mr. Mirko Gellert
    • Mr. Guido Kratzenberg (local mayor)
    • Mr. André Schwieger
    • Mr. Mathias Bergmann (unable to attend)

    Mr. Guido Kratzenberg was elected mayor of Elbeu and will represent the interests of the village in the coming years.

    Mose local council

    The new local council was also formed for Mose. The members are (from left to right):

    • Mrs. Sylva Heiland
    • Mr. Marko Röhrmann (local mayor)
    • Mayor Marlies Cassuhn
    • Mr. Raik Wirthgen
    • Mrs. Mandy Ebert
    • Mr. Reiner Bläß (unable to attend)

    Mr. Marko Röhrmann was confirmed as local mayor and will continue to represent the interests of Mose.

    Glindenberg local council

    The constituent meeting of the Glindenberg local council also took place on 02.07.2024. The Council members are (from left to right):

    • Mrs. Gisela Gerling-Koehler
    • Mr. Tim Braumann
    • Mayor Marlies Cassuhn
    • Mrs. Gerhild Schmidt (local mayor)
    • Mr. Andy Opitz
    • Ms. Rebecca Hempel (unable to attend)
    • Mr. Stefan Klinke (unable to attend)

    Ms. Gerhild Schmidt was re-elected mayor of Glindenberg.

    Farsleben local council

    Unfortunately, the constituent meeting of the Farsleben local council and thus also the election of the local mayor could not take place as there was no quorum. A new date for the meeting will be announced shortly.

    The City of Wolmirstedt congratulates all elected local mayors and council members and wishes them every success and constructive cooperation in the coming years.

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