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Dates for driver’s license exchange

    Exchange old “paper driver’s license” by January 19, 2024 / statutory exchange deadline for birth cohorts 1965/70 expires

    Exchange obligation. For holders of an old (pink) paper driver’s license issued before December 31, 1998, the year of birth of the holder is decisive. For persons in possession of a “card driver’s license”, the date of issue is relevant for the prescribed exchange period.

    Domenik Siegmund, head of the driver’s license office in the Börde district, urges people to make an appointment in good time for the mandatory exchange of their driver’s license. “The exchange period for driver’s license holders born in 1965/70 ends in just under a year, on Jan. 19, 2024. Affected cohorts would be well advised to book an exchange appointment with their driver’s license office.” Exactly for this purpose an online booking service is available on the internet portal of the district Börde (the link can be found on the homepage New dates are released here every day.

    Siegmund reminds: “Holders of old paper driver’s licenses for those born before 1965 should already be in possession of a new EU card driver’s license if they have met the deadline. Those who have not yet done so should book an exchange appointment.

    To the booking service / please click here

    An overview of the upcoming exchange deadlines:

    Year of birth / holders of paper driver’s licenses / date of issue until 31.12.1998

    Before 1953 / exchange until 19.01.2033
    1953 to 1958 / Exchange ended 19.07.2022
    1959 to1964 / Exchange ended on 19.01.2023
    1965 to 1970 / Exchange until 19.01.2024
    1971 or later / exchange until 19.01.2025

    Year of issue / holder card driver’s license / date of issue as of 01.01.1999

    1999 to 2001 / Exchange until 19.01.2026
    2002 to 2004 / exchange until 19.01.2027
    2005 to 2007 / exchange until 19.01.2028
    2008 / Exchange until 19.01.2029
    2009 / Exchange until 19.01.2030
    2010 / Exchange until 19.01.2031
    2011 / Exchange until 19.01.2032
    2012 until 18.01.2013 / exchange until 19.01.2033

    Börde county
    Bornsche Street 2
    39340 Haldensleben
    Phone: +49 3904 7240-1204

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