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Deutsche Glasfaser starts fiber optic expansion in Elbeu and Wolmirstedt

    02.06.2023, Wolmirstedt. The fiber optic expansion in Elbeu and Wolmirstedt is going into the next round: Deutsche Glasfaser will start civil engineering work for the fiber optic network in Elbeu and Wolmirstedt in July 2023. This marks another milestone on the way to a fast and future-proof digital infrastructure in the city.

    “To keep civil engineering work to a minimum and lay fiber quickly, we use modern and efficient methods,” says Denis Rosenkranz, Deutsche Glasfaser’s project manager for construction. During construction, for example, the empty pipes are inserted into the roads in a minimally invasive manner with the help of milling machines and the fiber optics are laid. Subsequently, the sidewalks and roads are provisionally sealed, for example with paving stones or gravel. Thus, in the later construction process, the lines can be quickly reopened when building the house connections. At the end of the construction work, the sidewalks and roads will be finally and properly restored. During a final inspection, the condition of all these surfaces will be checked by the city. In Elbeu Wolmirstedt, for example, a fiber-optic network is being created covering a total of around 21 kilometers.

    The civil engineering work is taking place in close cooperation between the city administration and the construction partner as well as Deutsche Glasfaser. Prior to the start of the construction work, the residents of the respective street will be informed about the work as early as possible. You will find a notice to this effect in your mailbox.

    The construction partner commissioned by Deutsche Glasfaser, Libra GmbH, will start house inspections shortly.

    The home inspections are important so that the contractor can work with the customer to determine where and how the lines will be installed on the property. The installation routes in the house are also determined jointly. By default, free installation takes place in the basement or first floor. Customers can discuss and agree individual solutions with the construction partner on the day of the walk-through.

    If, for example, the customer wishes to have the system installed in other rooms, costs may be incurred. If assistance is needed with the installation of conduit routes within the apartment or house, the contracted construction partner offers a service package for the creation of these conduit routes. This service package can only be booked exclusively on the day of the home inspection with the corresponding employee of the construction partner. Of course, the customer can also actively approach the construction partner about the service package. During the house inspection, an inspection protocol is drawn up, which is signed by both parties at the end and which records the agreements in a binding manner.

    The contracted construction partner approaches the customer directly to arrange an appointment for the home inspection. If he does not see anyone at the home inspection appointment, he leaves a card in the mailbox to contact him again.

    For the security of our customers, all employees of Deutsche Glasfaser or the construction partner have employee ID cards that can be shown at any time. An ID number is noted here, which can be checked at any time via the Deutsche Glasfaser service number 02861 – 890 600.

    Even during the construction phase, interested citizens can still conclude contracts at special conditions. Contracts for the use of the connection can be issued by telephone on 02861 8133 400 from Monday to Friday between 8:00 – 20:00 and on Saturdays between 09:00 – 18:00. Questions about construction can be answered by the free Deutsche Glasfaser construction hotline at 02861 890 60 940 Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

    All information about Deutsche Glasfaser and the products that can be booked is also available online at

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