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Disposal of election posters

    Kommunalservice Landkreis Börde AöR – Schwimmbadslraße 2 a – 39326 Wolmirsledt

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    due to recent inquiries, we would like to briefly inform you about the handling of election posters when they are delivered by citizens of our district:

    Election posters from private individuals who have stood for an honorary political office in our district (district council, city council, local council) as part of the 2024 local elections can be placed by them at our small collection points in

    • Wolmirstedt OT Elbeu, Meitzendorfer Str. 2
    • Haldensleben, Bornsche Straße (open again from 25.06.24)
    • Oebisfelde, Breiter Weg 4
    • Wanzleben, An der Alten Tonkuhle 9
    • Oschersleben, Am Pappelwald 7

    in the period from 17.06. until 30.06.2024 can be delivered free of charge as bulky waste.

    If a commercial delivery is made by a billposting service provider, the delivery is not a private delivery.
    Delivery (household) and acceptance of the posters must be made as commercial deliveries via the weighbridge in Elbeu or Wanzleben.
    Depending on the material, these election posters would have to be weighed and billed as commercial bulky waste.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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