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23 Aug 2024




60.00 €

NABUCCO – Classical Open Air 2024

Alternative date for the event “Nabucco – Klassik Open Air”, Wolmirstedt, Auf der Schloßdomäne, 16.08.23. Tickets from 16.08.23 remain valid for 23.08.24.

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This splendid opera with its dramatic play about love and power has so far thrilled hundreds of thousands of spectators. The visitor is captivated from the beginning by the beautiful voices, the plot, the magnificent costumes and the impressive stage design. With Giuseppe Verdi’s NABUCCO, classical music fans can look forward to one of the greatest operas in music history and a wonderful open-air spectacle.

You have to experience NABUCCO with the world-famous prisoners’ chorus at least once in the open air and in a magnificent production. The mighty chorus of prisoners will resound with an array of sonorous and multi-faceted singing soloists. Open air productions represent a special artistic challenge for every opera ensemble. Here, the performance and the ambience of the venue must be combined to create an unforgettable opera spectacle. Singers, orchestra, direction and technology have to adjust to the atmospheric and acoustic conditions of each venue anew. The opera has succeeded in this brilliantly in its previous summer open-air performances, which have attracted more than 2 million spectators.

Overview of the work: The opera is based on the libretto by the Italian Temistocle Solera (1816-1878). The plot draws on legends about the biblical ruler Nabucco (Eng: Nebuchadnezzar II), king of Babylon from 605 to 562 BC. Buildings such as the Ishtar Gate, the Hanging Gardens and the Babylonian Tower are associated with his reign. The background of the opera’s plot is the conquest of Jerusalem in 587 B.C. and the leading away of the Jewish people into Babylonian captivity in 586 B.C. (2 Kings 25). The libretto takes only a few motifs from it. The plot consists of four acts.

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