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How do our children want to live later?

    Pupils in year 4 at Gutenberg School were invited to put their ideas and wishes for the design of the former hospital grounds on paper as part of a painting competition. Multi-family houses for different generations as well as terraced, semi-detached and detached houses are to be built on the site. The children were introduced to the project in February and the work should be ready after the Whitsun vacations.

    On June 13, the results were presented by the students to the mayor, Ms. Cassuhn, and myself (a member of the urban planning department) in the presence of the school principal, Ms. Haensch, and the responsible teachers.
    In the end, not only were drawings of colorful houses made, but a playhouse, which the children very much wanted, was also designed as a joint project. Another great idea was to make and fire tiles with different motifs and reliefs, which can either be attached to the house entrances later or perhaps as a mosaic on a house gable. The design of the green space, located on Schwimmbadstrasse, was also an issue. In addition to imaginative play equipment, the children would like a snack garden with trees and bushes from which they can pick fruit. Every house should also have a large garden where children can romp around to their heart’s content.

    We were amazed at the many imaginative works created by the children. I think everyone involved had a lot of fun and enjoyed the project. Our children have a clear idea of how they would like to see a friendly, green living environment.

    Doris Bunk
    Urban development department

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