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Land consolidation Hägebach/Landgraben

    Office for Agriculture, Land Consolidation and Forestry Mitte – Branch Office Wanzleben
    Ritterstraße 17-19 – 39164 Wanzleben ( (039209) 203 – 479


    Land consolidation Hägebach/Landgraben, Börde County

    Composition No. OK 0012, Ref.: 15.1 – 611 B 4 – OK0012

    Wanzleben, 08.05.2023

    Public notice

    Announcement of the results of the valuation of the plots of land subsequently added to the land consolidation procedure and summons to the hearing date (§ 32 of the Land Consolidation Act)

    The proofs of the results of the valuation of the property subject to Change Order No. 3 pursuant to. § 8 para. 1 Land Consolidation Act (FlurbG) subsequently added to the Hägebach/Landgraben land consolidation area.

    District Corridor Parcel
    Samswegen 1 59, 60
    Samswegen 2 184
    Samswegen 3 47
    Samswegen 5 1593

    are available for inspection by the parties concerned from 26.06. to 27.06.2023 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Amt für Landwirtschaft, Flurneuordnung und Forsten (ALFF) Mitte, Außenstelle Wanzleben, Ritterstraße 17-19, 39164 Stadt Wanzleben-Börde, Room A3.20.

    The hearing and explanation date on the results of the above-mentioned valuation in accordance with § 32 sentence 2 FlurbG is set for Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at 3:00 p.m., also at the ALFF Mitte, Wanzleben branch office, Ritterstraße 17-19, 39164 Stadt Wanzleben-Börde, room A3.20. The parties involved are hereby invited to attend this meeting.

    The land consolidation authority will explain the results of the valuation to the parties involved and provide information. The parties involved may raise objections in writing or in writing before the land consolidation authority against the results of the valuation of all plots of land subsequently added to the area of the land consolidation by Amendment Order No. 3, and not only their own plots of land brought into the procedure, at the hearing date and during the period of display.

    It is expressly pointed out that the valuation of all other properties in the land consolidation area, which were not subsequently included with the change order No. 3, has already been established without appeal.

    The objections will be examined by the land consolidation authority. It resolves justified objections and in this case corrects the documents for the valuation.

    The changes are publicly announced with the determination of the valuation results.

    If no objections are raised and no information is requested, it is not necessary to appear at the appointment.

    On behalf

    gez. Torsten Megel

    Data protection information

    Due to the legal mandate under the Land Consolidation Act, personal data is processed in the present land consolidation procedure in accordance with the Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). The data protection information can be viewed on the Internet at: or can be obtained from the ALFF Mitte.

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