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The St. Catherine Church in Wolmirstedt

    St. Catherine’s Church was built in 1876. Externally, it can be seen that it is a neo-Gothic brick building from the 19th century. In its present form, the building, erected in place of a monastery church, was consecrated on November 29, 1981. The tombstones taken over from the monastery church can be found today next to the staircases.

    The organ in the church hall was consecrated on December 17, 1989. It has two manuals, 21 stops and 1,558 pipes. It serves the congregation for worship and also for organ concerts. With a little luck, you can experience the magnificent acoustics of the church hall. The passion music of the trombone choir Barleben, the organ concert of Bendrich Janacek from Sweden, the Black Sea Cossack Choir, but also concerts of the district music school always offer a special kind of musical pleasure.

    On the church square several gravestones remind of the cemetery that used to be here. In today’s cemetery, between August-Bebel-Straße and Farsleber Straße, historical sarcophagus covers and grave slabs can be seen.


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