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15 Mar 2024


19:00 - 21:00

Wolmirstedt beer history(s)

Brewing beer is an art that is more than 10,000 years old.
In Wolmirstedt, too, barley juice was certainly brewed in the earliest times. The necessary foundations for this were in place.

It was a long way from the stone beer brewery in the old cottages on the Ohre, to the brewing of beer in the castle, to the brewing guild with its privileges.

Formative for the important brown food of the city of Wolmirstedt was the 18th century with its 24 brewers. The production and distribution of beer was not always free of conflict. This goes from the determination of the king about the order of brewing, the quality of the beer, delivery of the drink to the pitchers of the surrounding countryside to the serving of foreign types of beer in Wolmirstedt. The dispute between the different parties could go from insults, to charges, to manslaughter. The Prussian king also wanted to provide his decommissioned soldiers with a favorable post around the beer production in Wolmirstedt. Of course, the brewers did not put up with this and protested.

All these happenings, events and more will be shown and explained in a lecture by Jörg Bonewitz.

For organizational reasons, registration is requested under the telephone number: 039201/21363.

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