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Information fiber optic expansion

    Announcement by the city of Wolmirstedt on fiber optic expansion by Deutsche Glasfaser

    Dear citizens,

    on the planned fiber optic expansion by Deutsche Glasfaser the potential customers in parts of the city area, in the local parts Mose, Farsleben and in the southern part of the local part Elbeu were informed again with a letter of the mayoress, Mrs. Cassuhn, from 24.10.2022 about possibilities of the glass fiber connection for their real estate.

    Unfortunately, this letter was also distributed to households that are not in Deutsche Glasfaser’s expansion area. This applies in particular to the “Sonnenblick” development area in Elbeu. The Sonnenblick development area is being upgraded with fiber optics exclusively by Deutsche Telekom. Of course, the concluded contracts remain valid.

    We apologize that these letters were mistakenly distributed in the Sonnenblick development area and caused irritation.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    The city of Wolmirstedt

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