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Schlacht der Vereine Publikum

Review of the “Battle of the Clubs” in Wolmirstedt

As part of the city festival of Wolmirstedt 2023, this event brought together various clubs in the city to compete against each other in a competition. It was a great opportunity for local clubs to showcase their skills and involvement while strengthening the community.

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Deutsche Glasfaser starts fiber optic expansion in Elbeu and Wolmirstedt

The civil engineering work is taking place in close cooperation between the city administration and the construction partner as well as Deutsche Glasfaser. Prior to the start of the construction work, the residents of the respective street will be informed about the work as early as possible. You will find a notice to this effect in your mailbox.

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Public participation on rail noise

The Federal Railway Authority will start the first phase of public participation in the context of noise action planning for both citizens and municipalities on Monday, March 13, 2023.

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