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Fire station in Farsleben completed

    On Monday, 12.12.2022 the mayor, Mrs. Cassuhn, had invited to a small coffee round on the occasion of the constructional completion of the fire station of the local fire department Farsleben. She was actively supported by the local fire department management of the volunteer fire department.

    Invited were involved companies and council members of the city of Wolmirstedt. After a short explanation and presentation of the construction process, it could be summarized that this project with a total construction volume of 1,850,000 euros plus own contributions of the fire department worth about 35,000 euros could be completed in what was ultimately a relatively short period of time. Just 10 months have passed since the groundbreaking ceremony on January 24, 2022 and the official acceptance by the building authorities on December 7, 2022. The new building consists of a compact structure with optimal functionality and a conversion reserve in the attic. This can be additionally used as an office and storage area after expansion. All requirements for the use as a local fire department are implemented on the first floor, in compliance with the requirements of historic preservation law for the integration into the townscape. On the first floor there are 3 parking spaces for the emergency vehicles, separate changing rooms as well as an office and a training room. Workshop and sanitary facilities are also located on the first floor.

    A small photovotaic system on the roof supports the power supply and thus ensures lower management costs in the future.

    The local fire department of Farsleben is thus very well positioned for future tasks, especially as a vehicle replacement is due next year. Modern thinking and action is fulfilled at this point.


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